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LED Grow Garden - $199.95 ON SALE!

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Worried about counter space? Then, our hanging LED Grow Garden is perfect for you! Gain all the benefits of having an indoor LED garden yet the flexibility of location!

Here are our LED Grow Garden specifications:

Dimensions of Hood

11" deep X 21 5/8 " wide

Power Supply Voltage
110V or 240V a/c 50~60 Hertz
Voltage at Hood
12V D/C
Power Consumption
15 watts
Other Power Source
12 volt DC car battery, optional cable adapter available
Number of LEDs
144 8mm LEDs
LED Colors
5 colors - Purple, Blue, Green, Orange/Red, Red and White
Light Source
144 8mm LEDs w/optimized light wavelengths for rapid plant growth
Software Controlled
Yes, selectable Time of Day, Sunrise-Sunset, 5 plant types. 3 grow phases or auto grow selection
Light Source Life
Approximately 75,000 hours or 15 years
% Light Source Utilized
Greater than 95%
Cost to Operate
Approximately $10.40 annually
Maintenance Required
None…just water your plants, dust off the assembly
Shipping Packaging
Cardboard package, protective cotton bag and recycled pulp for layered gardening
Number of Plants
Perfect for growing tall plants
Transplantable Plants
Plants can be transplanted
Seed Offered
Heirloom & Organic only
Is It Organic
Customer’s choice to utilize organic soil, fertilizer & seeds
Toxic Materials
All elements can be recycled

Note: Subject to change without prior notice.


led grow garden

"The World's Most Technologically-Advanced Grow Light"


LED Grow Garden - $249.95 - NOW SAVE $49.95!

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